What You Can Expect From MOVES

We think there is no better company for a mobile veterinary specialist to join. Here are a few reasons why:

Job Freedom

MOVES employees have the freedom to set their own schedule. No emergency, on-call or weekend responsibilities required.

Rewarding Compensation

MOVES offers a compelling base salary, a generous production share, comprehensive benefits, and a company-issued vehicle.

World Class Support

Your mobile practice with MOVES is supported by experienced veterinarians and top-flight marketing and operational leadership.

General Practices Love Mobile Specialists

Access to a mobile specialist such as a board-certified surgeon, cardiologist, or radiologist allows the general practitioner to integrate advanced veterinary practices into his or her own clinic, provide a better and more familiar experience to their clients, and develop a new revenue model instead of referring the business outside the clinic.

Jamie Laity, DVM

As the owner of an AAHA accredited practice, I value high quality medicine and the client-veterinarian bond. Having worked closely with mobile surgeons and ultrasonographers for the last 5 years, I love that I can retain my clients and maintain a profit center, and clients love the convenience of not having to go to an unfamiliar hospital with unfamiliar doctors.

Jamie Laity, DVM

Harbor Point Animal Hospital
Amanda Goodwin, DVM

Partnering with a mobile surgeon has increased the level of care at our veterinary hospital. Prior to using the services of a mobile surgeon, we had to refer everything out to a large corporately owned referral center. Now our clients get to stay in the comfort of our office, we manage the case directly, and we retain the profits. Our clients love it and we love it. It's a win-win.

Amanda Goodwin, DVM

Main Street Veterinary Hospital
Lori Gross, DVM

Having access to board-certified mobile surgeons adds tremendous value to our practice. Mobile surgery unlocks a new profit center that was previously unavailable, and the ability to serve our clients in-house rather than referring them out to a costly surgical center is one of those rare opportunities to do something that is good for business AND good for the client.

Lori Gross, DVM

Piedmont Animal Emergency

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