Why choose a mobile veterinary specialist?

Great question! Having access to a mobile surgeon, internist, cardiologist, or other specialist is a unique opportunity for general practice and emergency veterinary hospitals, so it’s important to understand how it benefits your hospital to work with MOVES mobile specialists. Keep reading to discover the Top 5 Reasons why partnering with a MOVES mobile specialist is better for your patients, better for your practice, and better for your bottom line.

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1. Continuity of Care

A successful veterinary business is based on the trust you build in your community, and we know how frustrating it can be when a patient presents with a serious injury or illness that forces you to refer the patient and their owner to another hospital. A mobile specialist partner allows you to retain complex cases within your practice and provide more continuity of care from presentation through diagnosis, treatment, and recovery or ongoing care.

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2. Better Client Experience

Finding the right veterinary practice is important to every pet owner, and you’ve worked hard to earn their trust. Being told that they have to take their beloved pet to a different hospital where they’ve never been before, with doctors they’ve never met before… it’s stressful to say the least. Clients love having the option to get the advanced surgery or internal medicine care their pet needs without having to go to a different hospital.

Veterinary Technician cuddling a dog during an ultrasound.

3. Valuable Staff Experience

When all your complex cases get referred away, your technicians lose valuable opportunities for growth and experience. Supporting a MOVES specialist during advanced procedures helps your staff to grow and improve as veterinary technicians, and it’s a compelling reason for them to stay with your general practice rather than seeking opportunities for advancement elsewhere.

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4. Raise your Clinic Profile

Partnering with a MOVES specialist allows you to promote a broader range of services and expertise for your clinic, giving you a competitive advantage over other general practices who don’t offer advanced care to their clients. You can even add the photo and bio of your MOVES specialist to your hospital website to give prospective clients confidence that your hospital is capable of handling all of their needs.

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5. Boost Your Bottom Line

With competition from online services and big-box stores becoming more and more fierce, every dollar matters in a financially stable veterinary practice. Partnering with MOVES can add thousands of dollars per month to your bottom line, because you set the price your client will pay for services. Even if you don’t have that many cases to recommend, every case you keep in-house drives revenue you never used to earn.

Still Have Questions?

Our home page features answers to a number of frequently asked questions about how partnering with a MOVES specialist works for your hospital.