What You Can Expect From MOVES

We think there is no better company for a veterinary specialist to join. Here are a few reasons why:

Zen Flow Quality of Life

Quality of Life

MOVES employees are free to set their own schedule. No emergency, on-call or weekend cases required.

Pie Chart Production Commission Base Salary

Rewarding Compensation

MOVES offers a strong base salary, high production shares, exceptional benefits, and a company-issued vehicle.

Network of business and professional suport

World Class Support

MOVES provides top-flight marketing and operational support from leaders who actually listen and respond to your needs.

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Quality of Life

Our values are the demonstration of our commitment to Quality of Life. Discover what makes MOVES who we are.

May your work assume a proper space in your life; instead of owning or using you, may it challenge and refine you.

Constant availability is an unsustainable expectation that leads to fatigue, burnout, and poor outcomes for everyone involved. At MOVES we give and receive permission to protect our well-being with reasonable boundaries, constructed using self-awareness, clear communication, and proficiency with technology. Within those boundaries, we will be available and responsive to our customers and co-workers, and we will have grace for one another when our availability meets someone else’s boundary.

Remember to be kind to those who work with you. Endeavor to remain aware of the quiet world that lives behind each face.

Our posture towards our partner hospitals should be that of a considerate guest; one who is invited back time after time because we communicate with kindness, show appreciation, don’t overstay our welcome, and leave things in better shape than we found them. Toward our co-workers, we demonstrate consideration through supportive collegiality, engaging questions or requests kindly and with as much promptness as our balanced boundaries allow. Each customer and coworker is the hero of their own story and we are here to offer our experience, empathy, and kindness as a path to their success.

May this new work be worthy of the energy of your heart and the light of your thought.

Much more than the ability to manage our own schedules, our independence is born from diversity and inclusion; the alchemy of individual strengths combined to make us all better. As a “company for grown-ups,” MOVES affords us all a great deal of flexibility and self-determination. In light of this freedom, we commit to meaningful engagement with one another and with our customers as a demonstration of our trustworthiness.

Rewarding Compensation

MOVES offers a strong base salary, high production shares, exceptional benefits, and a company-issued vehicle.

Market Driven,
Production Oriented

Skip negotiations. MOVES’ philosophy around the base salary is to ensure financial security for the specialist as you develop your new mobile practice, while still keeping everyone’s interests aligned with the goal of earning production. You tell us what you need in base pay, and as long as it doesn’t push your production target out of reach, we’ll support it.

Discussion of salary and contract
Revenue Growth

Lower Overhead
Higher Production

A fully-equipped referral hospital comes with massive overhead for mortgage and maintenance. As a result of our low-overhead, distributed service model, MOVES’ production rates are among the highest in the industry, if not the highest. We calculate and pay production every two months, and we do not practice negative accrual. Earning production should be the personal financial goal of every specialist in the company, and we’ve designed the company’s profitability model to be aligned with this incentive, so everyone shares the same motivation.

Better Benefits
For You and Your Family

Kids need to visit the dentist. You need an annual physical. Let’s make it easy, shall we? MOVES offers all full-time employees 100% employer-paid premiums for employee medical, vision, dental, life, and AD&D insurance, and 50% employer-paid premiums for your dependents. If you waive coverage because you participate in a partner’s plan, you’ll still receive the life and AD&D coverage. MOVES partners with Blue Cross Blue Shield for medical, vision, and dental. All full-time employees are eligible for these benefits immediately, with coverage effective on the first of the month following your start date.

Smiling Kid with Braces
Two Blue Beach Chairs

Safe Harbor
Retirement Planning

Following a 90-day eligibility window, all full-time MOVES employees are free to participate in our 401(k) retirement plan with John Hancock. MOVES will match your contributions dollar-for-dollar on the first 3%, and 50¢ on the dollar for the next 2%, giving you a total 4% match on a 5% contribution. Our Safe Harbor match means that your account is 100% vested immediately and not subject to any vesting schedule.

Unlimited Vacation.
no, really.

In a company that values Balanced Boundaries and Trustworthy Independence, putting limits on paid vacation time doesn’t make a lot of sense. We trust our clinicians to make responsible choices with their vacation time, and we don’t micro-manage. MOVES specialists regularly take time off for personal pursuits like long weekends at vacation homes, horseback riding, camping, and even canine agility competitions. You can overlap long vacations across two production periods to limit their impact and enjoy a quality of life that’s not available anywhere else in the animal health industry.

Dr. Bonadio on Horseback

Network of Support

World Class Support

MOVES provides top-flight marketing and operational support from leaders who actually listen and respond to your needs.

Veterinary surgical drill and ultrasound machine.

Equipment that meets
your highest standards

No matter your specialization, MOVES will design an equipment budget that doesn’t cut corners. We are committed to equipping all specialists with the best tools for the job, presenting you with options from multiple vendors so you can make the right decision for your practice.

Full-Time Technicians

A qualified veterinary technician or assistant will be your essential teammate while  you grow in comfort and efficiency as a mobile provider. MOVES will hire a full-time technician or assistant to travel with you and assist you with appointments, procedures, case management, marketing, sterilization, inventory, and purchasing.

MOVES pays all full-time technicians/assistants on salary (non-exempt), and they are eligible to participate in all the same benefits as specialists.

as mobile as you are

All of our specialists are equipped with a new iPad and iPhone, preconfigured with multiple business-critical apps including the MyMOVES web app for automatic case management. This fully-integrated solution gives partner hospitals real-time visibility of your schedule, as well as the ability to book appointments and submit referrals 100% online. MOVES covers all costs for unlimited talk/text/data and mobile hotspot for iPad connectivity through our Verizon business wireless account.

The MyMOVES case management app runs on any device.

Marketing to make you
stand out from the competition

When it comes to marketing your services as a mobile specialist, MOVES plays a full-court press. Our beautifully-designed print materials will make you stand out in direct mail campaigns and give you strong materials to share during meet & greet sessions or impromptu drop-in visits. Our email and social media marketing campaigns are relentless and highly-targeted to veterinary professionals in your city. Backing it all up is a fully-staffed in-house marketing department that will work with you hand-in-glove to ensure that your mobile practice reaches maturity and stability.

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