Company Leadership

MOVES is a fast-growing and innovative company. We pride ourselves on restoring quality of life to the specialist’s career and returning value to the general practice hospital by bringing our specialists and their expertise directly to the patient. Take a moment to meet the leaders of this dynamic organization.

Executive Leadership

Portrait of David Hoe, Co-Founder and CEO of MOVES Mobile Veterinary Specialists


David Hoe

Chairman & CEO

An entrepreneur with a proven record in the veterinary industry, David is also a US Army combat veteran and an MBA-trained leader with a decade of experience in a Fortune 500 company. Years of working alongside his wife, veterinarian Lori Hoe, DVM, opened David’s eyes to the strategic role of mobile specialists and their unique ability to enhance general practice hospitals by expanding services, raising standards of care, and increasing revenue. Early in 2018, over drinks with his friend Brian, David shared his vision to build, equip, and support a nationwide network of mobile specialists… and MOVES was born just a few short weeks later.

Portrait of Joanna Fry, DVM, DACVIM, MBA


Joanna Fry


An experienced veterinary internist and business professional, Jo has been working in the veterinary industry for over 25 years. She earned her DVM from The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2008, and is an award winning board certified internal medicine specialist (DACVIM). To expand her impact on the industry, Jo completed her Executive MBA from The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business. She is a self-proclaimed lifelong learner, passionate about calling attention to, developing, and implementing initiatives focused on the particular challenges endemic to the veterinary industry. Jo joined MOVES in September 2020.

Portrait of Brian Lyman, Co-Founder and COO of MOVES Mobile Veterinary Specialists


Brian Lyman

Chief Operating Officer

After completing his undergraduate degree in Philosophy at American University in Washington, DC, Brian built a career in the digital design, marketing, and e-commerce space. He’s served as the Marketing Director for various companies and also founded Vale Studios to provide design, marketing, and consulting services to a diverse clientele ranging from small businesses (including several veterinary hospitals) to multi-million dollar investment trusts and even an NFL quarterback. Brian caught David’s vision to organize and empower mobile specialists, and dedicates his work as COO to building a culture of independence and dignity within MOVES.


Breathing new life into the veterinary specialist vocation as a guide to positive outcomes for patients, practices, and people.

Group portrait of MOVES Mobile Veterinary Specialists HQ staff team.


We demonstrate our commitment to Quality of Life through balanced boundaries, kind consideration, and trustworthy independence.

Home Office Team

Portrait of Cassandra Walsingham, Marketing Director for MOVES Mobile Veterinary Specialists


Cassandra Shenning
Marketing Director

Portrait of Laura Nichols, Partner Development Coordinator for MOVES Mobile Veterinary Specialists


Laura Nichols
Partner Development Coordinator

Portrait of Michele Ammons, Marketing Assistant for MOVES Mobile Veterinary Specialists


Michele Ammons
Marketing Assistant

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