Why Choose MOVES?

Hosting a board-certified mobile veterinary specialist delivers incredible value for your clinic and your clients.

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Better For Your Patients

A close relationship with your MOVES specialist means greater continuity of care, less stress on the patient, and greater convenience for the client.

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Better For Your Practice

Raise the profile of your clinic by offering new advanced specialty services without having to invest in new equipment, staff, or marketing.

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Better For Your Bottom Line

Instead of referring cases out, you can create an entirely new revenue stream by keeping your advanced cases in-house. It’s a win-win-win.

General Practices Love Mobile Specialists

Access to a mobile specialist such as a board-certified surgeon, internist, cardiologist, or radiologist allows the general practitioner to integrate advanced veterinary practices into his or her own clinic, provide a better and more familiar experience to their clients, and develop a new revenue model instead of referring the business outside the clinic.

Athena Gianopoulos, DVM

Our clients appreciate MOVES' expertise and consultation within the comfort of their primary vet hospital. As a general practitioner, I rely on Dr. Bonadio's expert advice for complicated cases and it makes my job less stressful knowing that I can work so closely with a specialist. I am very grateful for the mobile expertise, knowledge and experience that Dr. Bonadio provides to me and my clients. She has helped increase the level of high-quality care that we can provide in our general practice and I highly recommend MOVES to any small animal practitioner.

Athena Gianopoulos, DVM

Rancho San Carlos Pet Clinic
Josh Woods, DVM

I cannot say enough good things about MOVES and their specialists. The benefits are tremendous for the clients, the patients, the hospital, and our staff. All of the specialists provide an extremely high standard of care, are very respectful of our staff and hospital, and we have had extremely positive feedback from our clients about providing specialist-level care in our hospital. In most cases, we are able to offer services at a discount from what our local specialty hospital would charge, so the clients pay less, the pets receive excellent care, and it's profitable for us. It's a win, win, win!

Josh Woods, DVM

Vickery Animal Hospital
Cheryl Sammons, DVM

MOVES gives my practice the ability to offer next level diagnostics in the comfort of my Fear Free hospital. Dr. Larson delivers an exceptional level of expertise, professionalism, and compassion while maintaining a very calm demeanor with patients. Very thorough in her examinations, Dr. Larson offers a team approach with case education for me, our nurses, and pet owners. She does all of this despite these 2020 times, with referral practices not able to handle our case load & not always giving referring vets the support they deserve. I practice veterinary medicine to offer life-long care and recommendations for my clients to take best care of their beloved pets. Dr. Larson adds so much to help me do this for my patients.

Cheryl Sammons, DVM

South Franklin Animal Hospital
Rebecca Banner, DVM

We have been so pleased to work with Drs. Julie and Derek Duval from MOVES! From the ease of scheduling to follow-up and documentation, they make the process simple. We've been able to schedule things very quickly to get clients and patients the care needed without a lengthy wait. The doctors and their technicians are wonderful, communicative, and caring. We have test results and documents quickly, usually in less than 24 hours. Our clients love the convenience of coming to their own trusted vet's office, and they've been thrilled with the top notch care their pets receive. MOVES' services are a wonderful addition to our clinic and we are so proud to have partnered with them for the quality care our patients deserve.

Rebecca Banner, DVM

Paw Patch Animal Clinic


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Common Questions About MOVES

If you've never worked with a mobile specialist before, you probably have some questions. Here are the short and sweet answers to the most common questions, but we highly recommend requesting a Meet & Greet with your local specialist to get all the details.

Veterinary surgical drill and ultrasound machine.

Absolutely. All MOVES specialists are supplied with the very best veterinary specialty equipment available. Surgeons will arrive with all their own tools, instruments, implants, suture, and other sterile goods. Cardiologists travel with a top-of-the-line cardiac ultrasound machine, and Internists carry advanced multi-attachment endoscopes as well as ultrasound machines. We bring the referral hospital to you.

Cat being examined in veterinary hospital exam room

You’ll need to schedule the appointment with your client, but for internal medicine and cardiology appointments, we need little more than an exam room. Most MOVES specialists travel with a full-time technician, so there is very little burden on your staff. For advanced surgeries, we obviously need the use of your OR, and any time that anesthetized procedures are involved (surgery or med/cardio), we may need extra assistance from one technician at your hospital. MOVES does not provide or bill for ancillary services such as anesthetic technical support, performing diagnostic tests including radiographs and/or lab work, or recovering patients post-operatively. These services and the ability to charge for them are reserved to our partner hospitals.

Dog resting and recovering

After completion of any procedure with a MOVES specialist, the patient is under the care of your hospital and attending DVM. The decision to send a pet home or to stay in your clinic post-procedure depends on a number of variables, and we encourage you to discuss the post-procedure care requirements with your MOVES specialist prior to scheduling. It is the hospital’s duty to inform owners regarding your policy on overnight care. If your hospital is not equipped for advanced surgical or internal medicine procedures, or for cases requiring critical care monitoring post-operatively, we strongly recommend overnight monitoring at a 24-hour emergency hospital.

Regarding the potential for complications, our board-certified specialists stand by their work and will remain accessible to you in the event of complications. You will have the direct mobile phone number of your specialist and may contact them as needed.

Many/most surgical procedures require some form of follow-up or re-check appointment. These are typically built into the cost of the surgery and you can expect your MOVES specialist to be available.

Veterinarian examining a dog.

You can visit our Locations page to determine whether a MOVES specialist is available in your area. If so, you can schedule an introductory Meet & Greet session with your specialist, or dive right in and refer your first case!

MOVES uses a 100% paperless online referral system that gives you complete visibility into the specialist’s calendar and availability. Simply visit your specialist’s page on the MOVES website to view available times, book your appointment, and submit your patient information. Each specialist’s page includes a brief video explaining how our referral process works.

Person paying bills.

Very easily! Once your appointment is complete, you will receive an invoice for your specialist’s services via email. This will be delivered to the address of your choosing, or if you are a member of a larger corporation, we can bill your AP department directly. MOVES offers all of our partner hospitals NET15 payment terms with no credit check required. Your invoice will contain a link to pay online via ACH, or you may mail a company check to our billing department. Credit card payments are accepted as a convenience only and will include a 3.5% processing fee. You can make a credit card payment at vetmoves.com/payment.

Interested in learning more about using a MOVES specialist?