Dr. Patricia Mundy Case Referral

Dr. Mundy is now available to receive referrals from veterinarians throughout the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area. You can reach her by phone at 215-940-5956 or email to dr.mundy@vetmoves.com.

Note: this referral form is for veterinarians only.

  • Veterinarians who want Dr. Mundy to see the appointment at your own hospital should use the Appointment at My Hospital tab below to view available times.
  • Pet owners who have been instructed to schedule their appointment should use the Appointment at Host Hospital tab below to view available times and locations.
Dr. Patricia Mundy Mobile Ophthalmologist Philadelphia

Ophthalmology Case Referral Form

  • To be completed by Veterinarians only.
  • If you don’t see your hospital listed below, please contact MOVES at 704-764-6334 to have your hospital added to our records.

Don’t see a time that works? Text Dr. Mundy at 215-940-5956 for more info.

Open map to find the appropriate region for your appointment.

Dr. Mundy has regular standing appointments at several host hospitals throughout the Philadelphia metropolitan area. This calendar provides an at-a-glance view of where Dr. Mundy will be on any given upcoming day. If a specific hospital is listed, that’s where she will be at that time. If an area is listed, she is available to see appointments at clinics in that area.