MOVES Policies Related to COVID-19

Please note that the following represents the best guidance available from the CDC, the AVMA, and various state VMAs. This is a rapidly-evolving environment and we will update this policy from time to time as appropriate.

Last Updated: November 13, 2020 at 3:05 PM.

  1. Veterinary businesses are essential. As the number of infections and hospitalizations related climbs rapidly around the country, our specialists continue to stand with our partner clinics and hospitals.  We have noted and support all of the special measures and changes that you have instituted in your practices during this time of social distancing and PPE shortages, and we are prepared to work with you in new ways to facilitate those changes.
  2. In an effort to better protect the health of our personnel and that of our partner clinic staff members and clients, MOVES specialists and technicians will now be equipped with Envo Mask respirators that include NIOSH-certified N95 filters. In addition to mask-wearing, our safety protocols includes regular temperature checks, hand-washing, and equipment sanitization.
  3. We support the precautionary protocols of our partner hospitals and we strongly encourage all partner hospitals to require mask-wearing at all times, but particularly when working closely with MOVES personnel. We will maintain open lines of communication with our partners to ensure any additional local protocols are understood and followed.
  4. As we and many of our partner hospitals have done since the early days of the pandemic, we continue to practice social distancing by not conducting in-person consults with pet owners. Our specialists are available to communicate with pet owners via text, phone, and/or FaceTime if necessary.
  5. Guidance on elective procedures is being updated frequently, and currently varies by state. As specialists, our caseload consists primarily of non-elective and emergency procedures for sick and injured pets, and we will continue to be available to meet that need. We acknowledge that extended delays of some procedures commonly considered to be elective could result in negative outcomes. We will work closely with referring veterinarians to evaluate the severity and complexity of cases that require a determination as to the elective or non-elective status of the patient’s needs.

Additional COVID-19 Resources

The following links will direct you to information from various Federal, State, and academic institutions.