Our Leadership

Who We Are

We recruit, equip, and support a nationwide team of the finest board-certified veterinary specialists in mobile surgery, cardiology, and radiology.


Our Mission

Equipping veterinary specialists to deliver advanced care and exceptional value to the general practice.

Our Vision

We see mobile veterinary specialists partnering with general practices to expand their services and improve the client experience.

David Hoe

Chief Executive Officer

David is a graduate of Penn State University’s business school where he met his wife Lori. Post college, he led troops in combat during the first year of the Iraq war as an Officer in the US Army. Upon returning from the war he earned an MBA from Auburn University while his wife was finishing up her veterinary degree there. David spent 10 years working for a Fortune 500 company leading their government sales division and traveling the country. In 2007 David and Lori moved to Charlotte and in 2013 they opened their first veterinary hospital together. Since that time, David has partnered with talented veterinarians to open several more hospitals and in 2016 he founded Vet Management Inc (VMI) to provide administrative support to his growing network of veterinary businesses. David and the leadership team founded MOVES to provide a rewarding new employment option for specialists and to help bring specialty medicine to the doorstep of the general practice.

Marian Benitez, DVM, MS

Chief Medical Officer (Surgery)

ACVS LogoDiplomate, American College of Veterinary Surgeons, Small Animal.

Dr. Benitez graduated top of her class at Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2010. After completing a medical and surgical internship at the University of Georgia and a three-year small animal surgical residency at Kansas State University, she completed her required credentials and became a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons in February 2015. Prior to her work on the MOVES™ leadership team, Dr. Benitez served as a clinical faculty member at Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine. She has formally and informally mentored young professionals and promotes a diverse and inclusive environment. She continues to work as a mobile surgeon, with special interest in orthopedic procedures for cranial cruciate ligament rupture and gastrointestinal diseases.

Eric Tempel, DVM

Chief Medical Officer (Cardiology & Radiology) and Veterinary Practitioner Liaison

ABVP LogoDiplomate, American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (Canine and Feline Practice)

Dr. Eric Tempel is a product of Kansas State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, graduating cum laude in 2013. Following one year of private practice, Dr. Tempel returned to the academic setting and completed a small animal rotating internship and American Board of Veterinary Practitioners residency at the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine. He became a Diplomate of the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners in Canine and Feline Practice in November 2017. Since returning to private practice, Dr. Tempel successfully utilized a mobile surgeon to better care for his patients and increase client satisfaction. His goal is to help general practitioners realize the benefits of incorporating a mobile specialist into their practice.

Brian Lyman

Chief Operating Officer

Brian is a graduate of American University in Washington, DC, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy in 2003. Brian has worked in the digital design and marketing space since 2006, serving as the Marketing Director for various companies and also founding Vale Studios to provide design, marketing and consulting services to a diverse clientele ranging from small businesses to multi-million dollar investment trusts and even an NFL quarterback.

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